2 locations in Katy !! Coding classes for all ages !!

Frequently Asked Questions

 •What is funCoderZ? 

funCoderZ is a coding class started by an experienced programmer having 18 yrs. of industry experience to teach coding to kids in a fun way!

Why was funCoderZ started? 

Being an experienced software developer, the founder, realized that the way high school teachers are teaching the advanced computer science subject is becoming a burden for the kids, so much that they not only lose interest in the subject rather are scared of the subject. It doesn’t have to be this way! In fact coding is fun!

How are you different from other coding camps? 

Coding camps are good if your child need to be introduced to coding, we focus on concepts so he/she learns a skill after the module is complete. We use CPR learning technique to develop the skill, where we start with Concept, Practice with Assignments and review. 

Will my child benefit in his school course? 

Absolutely, our course is aligned with high school curriculum so your child is guaranteed to do better in high school CS courses. We offer regular AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, Computer Science 1, and Data Structure classes in Java.

We are experts in High school coding classes for AP Computer Science using Java in Katy area.